HBO Profit-Lock Update: April 2024

Entering Q2, agriculture faces downtime challenges but sees hope in seasonal demand spikes and the value of North American oils. Soft demand persists in renewables, while rain improves Midwest soil for grains. Despite market uncertainty, strategic risk management remains crucial for navigating volatility and ensuring business certainty.

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HBO Profit-Lock Update: March 2024

HBO Profit-Lock Update: March 2024: Current soybean oil market and how it compares to prior months or years, USDA reports, Economic Impact on the industry, International oil supply’s affect on domestic pricing, Bio-Diesel, and more.

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Soybean Oil Technical Look: Too far too fast?

The soybean oil futures market has been on fire. As of last Friday’s close (AUG 2023 Futures), the market was up 31.29% from its bottom in 12 trading days. The last twelve trading days are about as strong a technical move as you will see. Underneath the technical move is a solid fundamental supply/demand story and the current deterioration of N.A. crop conditions because of a lack of moisture.

See the two below charts for more insight.

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