HBO Profit-Lock Update: June 2024

HBO Profit-Lock Update: June 2024

by Jason Thomas, President of Healthy Brand Oil


North American crops are planted, shifting market focus to production and weather. Corn, beans, meal, and soybean oil face peak seasonal risks until early July. Soybean oil futures surge with rising biomass-based diesel capacity. Global supplies are bearish, but weather can alter prices. North American oils are competitive, despite low renewable energy demand and supply constraints from maintenance and strikes. U.S. wheat markets are volatile; new soybean exports are at a 23-year low. Heat and flooding threaten crops, but commodity prices are holding support lines. As always, managing volatility is crucial. Strategic risk management offers business certainty.


Healthy Brand Oil‘s Jason Thomas has some interesting insight on these topics and more on his HBO Profit-Lock Update: June 2024.

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