As a result of rising input costs, foodservice operators are under pressure to maintain profit margins. To better serve our clients, Healthy Brand Oil has created Profit-Lock™, a program to help manage the risk of purchasing edible oils. This program allows your business to budget edible oil costs for extended periods, guaranteeing that profits are secured regardless of market fluctuations.

Our Profit-Lock™ Team will construct a pricing package that locks in purchases for an extended period with a price maximum.  This lowers your risk by eliminating purchases above your determined price threshold .  You have the opportunity to lock in a price within your margin of profitability and insure it with Profit-Lock™.

If the market is dictating a purchase price above your maximum, you still buy at your maximum, Profit-Lock™ price . If the market is dictating a purchase price below your maximum, you can still purchase at that lower price , no matter how low it goes.

With over twenty years of experience, Healthy Brand Oil will ensure that your company achieves the crucial savings necessary to successfully navigate today’s volatile markets . The predictability and certainty of Profit-Lock™ allow you to build budgets into the future without concern of purchasing edible oil at a loss or holding inventory that is priced above your risk threshold .

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