OILS 101

In order to help you understand our products better, please find below common oil terms and definitions.

Expeller Pressing

Oils labeled ‘expeller pressed’ use a mechanical method to extract food oils. Not only is this method more natural because it does not use harsh chemicals like hexane, but it also leaves us with a much more stable and quality oil.

High Oleic

High Oleic oils have a unique nutrition profile that features high-oleic acid and low linolenic acid. High Oleic oils are typically low in saturated fats and are known for their versatility and natural stability. For operators or manufacturers, these oils present some of the most cost-effective solutions to manage oil costs.


Products labeled NON-GMO are manufactured using ingredients that are not grown using genetic engineering or gene splicing. Producing NON-GMO products requires preserving the NON-GMO identity through every stage of production. All NON-GMO and Organic products from Healthy Brand Oil take these measures.


Oil Stability Index (OSI) is an industry standard method to determine the shelf stability of edible oils.


As oil breaks down, compounds form and bond together, which leads to surface foaming and the further breakdown of oil quality and taste. This process is made even worse by frying in oils which have lost their stability as fat absorption of food particles goes higher and higher. This not only leads to lower quality of food and added oil costs but a much bigger mess to clean up in the fryer.

Smoke Point

The smoke point is the temperature at which an oil will begin to smoke when heated. If oil begins to smoke frying is occurring at temperatures that are too high and should be adjusted to conditions that will work with the oil that is being used. This number can vary by the following oil type, methods of refinement, and methods of extraction.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction using hexane is by far the most widely used extraction process in the world for common oil seeds. Manufacturers of these oils introduce hexane solvents which help separate the oil from the seed. The hexane is then distilled off until no detectable levels are left in the oil.

Trans Fats

A specific type of fat this is formed by manufactures who change liquid fats in to solid fats by the addition of hydrogen. The use of these fats has been shown to have negative health effects in studies. In 2006 New York City became the first city to ban the use of trans fats and federal regulations are being reviewed on this matter as we speak. All products that Healthy Brand Oil manufactures are in full compliance with the ban of trans fats.