Fryer Fuel

Healthy Brand Oil’s top priority is to providing the highest quality oils for our customers. Our oils are designed to increase kitchen productivity and return a higher profit margin to foodservice operators and food manufacturers.

Fryer Fuel Advantage – 2 X Frying Time Verses Commodity Oils

The essential ingredient for great tasting fried food with every order!

Fryer Fuel Advantage is setting the standard as the most advanced frying oil in the market today. Fryer Fuel Advantage provides foodservice operators and food manufacturers with twice the frying time versus commodity oils. This premium oil is OU kosher, provides a clean neutral taste, has Zero Grams Trans-Fat per Serving, and delivers superior fry times while reducing polymer build-up for easy cleaning.

Fryer Fuel Advantage delivers on both productivity and taste.

  • Longest fry times in the market today

  • Clean neutral flavor

  • Fewer change over’s saves you time and money

  • Zero Grams Trans Fat per Serving